Webelos Camp Checklist

Cell Phone/car charger            XNearly full Service.  Charging in cars or up top at Mess Hall
Battery charger at Campsite            XBring one for overnight charging.  Remember high theft rate
Snacks  A person is fed well during camp
Energy Snacks   
Health Forms           X           XParent is responsible for submittal or hand in at camp
First Aid Kit            XBring One loaded.  Make sure to have blister repair kit.
Tools            XHammers are needed for putting in stakes
Rope and Twine            XUse these for drying clothes.
Headlamps  It gets dark in the wooded campground areas
   Batteries for Headlamps  Make sure to have fresh set plus a spare set.
Lanterns  Have for tent and/or campsite
Tent            XMake sure to bring a tarp for under tent or inside tent
Tent Light            X 
Tent Brush            X 
Ice Chest (not too large)            Xnot really necessary but only if you want to keep drinks at tent
Drinks  Water is available everywhere
Metal water bottle  NOT plastic bottle!
Backpack or Hippack  Need one to haul around water bottles and other stuff during day
Lawn chairs  One for each person
Webelos book            XAs long as leaders have one then you are fine
Webelos Uniform – Blue Scout shirt OK)            XClass A uniform (blue or Tan) and other Scout t-shirts
Long pants   
Short Pants   
Small Pillow   
Swimmng Shoes  Have a pair of Keens or other water shoes.
Sturdy shoes (at least 2nd pair)  Wear sturdy hiking shoes if available.  Your feet will thank you.
NO FLIP FLOPS PERIOD!  Forget about these.  Too much constant hiking on tough terrain!
Socks  Bring enough for two per day minimum
Toothbrush & Paste   
Toiletries – shampoo & soap   
Air Matress or ground pad   
Jacket (lite) or Sweatshirt   
Raincoat or Poncho   
Sleeping Bag  Weather can get down into high 50’s
PJs or sleeping shorts   
T-Shirts  Bring Pack T-shirts or other Cub Scout shirts
Towels & Hand Cloth  Bring at least two sets plus one set in case one gets dirty.
Swim Suit  Adults have opportunity to swim
Walking Sticks  Handy for going up and down the stairs.  High theft rate!
Sun Screen  put on constanly
Hat/Cap – wide rim is best   
Large Garbage bag for covering bags/packs  Bring one for each if it’s raining during setup – keep your stuff dry
Insect repellant  Very important!
Deck of Cards and/or small card games  Sometime to do during downtime
Clothes pin / clips to hang clothes  Hang towels to dry
Toilet wipes  TP oftentimes is missing from toilets
Pedometer  Be Amazed at the volume of steps that you hike!
Cash – $25-30  Camp store for snacks, etc….  Pack 273 reimburses travel meals
Positive Attitude          X          XLots of hiking and lots of downtime but the boys have fun!